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Livestock Of The World


The Livestock Of the World Team

 John Andresen, President

John Andresen is the President and Founder of Livestock Of the World.

In 2001, when the internet bubble had completely burst and web development firms were failing left and right, John started a web development firm titled WebArtists Northwest. A few years later the company was renamed The ANDRESENGROUP. Since then John has lead the creation of Livestock Of The World, which is now the primary focus of the The ANDRESENGROUP.

Before starting WebArtists Northwest, John worked many years for Intel as a Project Manager and Technical Writer. He also worked as a Project Manager for PGE/ ENRON and ServerLogic.

John grew up in the software development industry. He did not attend preschool; instead he would often attend software classes or patently wait for punch cards to be processed with his Mom. He wrote his first computer program in assembler on a Magnavox Odyssey2 at 10 years old.

His first job was in middle school as a carpenter's assistant for his Dad, and was a Stage Manager for the Benson Auditorium, in Portland OR, in the evenings when he was in high school (where there were frequent shows with heavy metal Christian groups, Senator Ron Wyden, and the National Audubon Society).

John attended both Portland State University and Oregon State University. For many years John attended college solely for learning, and was not focued on any degrees. Along the way he completed enough coursework for bacholor degrees in Phycology, Business, Geology, Computer Science, Literature, and History.

John is a skilled Software Engineer, Technical Writer, and Graphic Designer.

In his spare time John likes to play Magic the Gathering with his four kids, paint neo-impressionist art, and write fiction. He also is a competent Toastmaster and a gourmet cook.

 Russell Kennedy, Programmer

Russ is a retired United States Navy Veteran with 21 years of active duty as a Hospital Corpsman. While on active duty, Russ took collateral duties in Information Technology, PC Support/Repair, and Website Development.

In 2013, Russ joined our team as a website developer.

In his spare time, Russ enjoys spending time with his two children, walking his dog, bowling, fishing, and reading graphic novels.

 Noreen Andresen, Advanced Programmer

Noreen is one of the founding members of The ANDRESENGROUP (the creators of Livestock Of the World). Prior to working for the The ANDRESENGROUP Noreen has been a Quality Assurance Manager for Cadence Corporation, and has more than 20 years of experience in Software Engineering at Tektronix, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, and Intel.

Noreen raises alpacas and her hobbies include weaving, spinning, and developing knitting patterns.